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Our forestry department primarily specializes in the research, development, breeding and propagation of fast growth tree varieties. With our 30 years of experience, we also provide planning, implementation, advisory and maintenance services for all plantations. We offer unique, personalized solutions to our clients in terms of high quality industrial wood production plantations, biomass plantations and all other sorts of forestation projects. Due to several decades of research and experimentation, using our special, fast growth varieties-along with the appropriate technology and technical maintenance- significantly higher and better quality wood production is achievable.

We offer alternative land utilization methods with 5-15-year rotation periods which are far less volatile to changing weather conditions and also offer significantly higher returns than agricultural activities. In addition, the demand for and value of quality industrial hardwood is steadily growing in the world market.

Our company is very committed to its research and development activities. In the past decades, we have successfully completed several large scale technological and propagation research projects, many of which we led as the consortium leader. Furthermore, we work very closely with a number of research institutes and authorities.

We hope that we can welcome you amongst our partners in the near future!

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This mainly includes plantations in the forest cultivation area and forest renovations. The variety selection, plantation maintenance and wood production regulations are relatively strict. We recommend consulting the local forestry authority on the possibilities.

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Energy (Biomass) Plantations

Typically established on arable land, where wood is produced for energy purposes (chips, firewood). For both purposes we recommend our ‘Express’ White Willow and our ‘Turbo’ Black Locust, which produce faster growth than conventional varieties, in order to achieve the desired target size sooner.

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Technology Transfer

A more serious level of cooperation, during which the cultivation technology of the propagation material, the technical and technological know-how is transferred within the parameters of a licensing agreement. As our varieties are patent protected, it is only after gaining such a license that you can start propagating the varieties yourself. All such deals are based on unique parameters.

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Industrial wood plantations

Plantations established in a wide network using intensive cultivation technologies with varieties specifically propagated for this purpose, with the aim of producing the highest quality industrial hardwood in the shortest amount of time.
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“Free Handling” Forest (in Hungary)

A registered forest in the National Forest Inventory Database, a forest cultivated area by definition. When such an area is registered for agricultural cultivation, the local forestry authorities must be notified. In case of implementation of a ‘free handling’ forest, the application must be accompanied by a simplified afforestation and implementation plan drawn up by qualified forestry personnel with tertiary education. Application to the forestry authority to allow implementation is necessary and the license is valid for 5 years after issuance.

The forestry authorities must be notified 21 days prior to commencement of a complete clear-cut or partial harvest of wood stock, and must also be notified within 30 days of completion.

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‘Turbo’ Black Locust

Generative Black Locust variety selected for several generations. The main focus during the selection and breeding process was to achieve increased yield and rapid growth at a juvenile age. This resulted a 30-50% increase in yield when compared to the common variety. Typically available in the form of 60-100 cm high bare-rooted seedlings.

‘Turbo Obelisk’ Black Locust

Our most premium product. A variety clone group selected from the plus trees of the ‘Turbo’ variety. Due to its vegetative propagation, all outstanding genetic characteristics are guaranteed. We mostly recommend this variety for high quality industrial wood production plantations due to its extreme fast and straight stem growth. Typically available in the form of 60-100 cm high bare-rooted saplings.

‘Express’ White Willow

Fast growth willow variety. It can be used for forestation projects, energy plantations as well as industrial wood production plantations. Typically available in the form of 20-30 cm length cuttings, but upon request it is also possible to order other sizes.



It is always worthwhile to consider applying for government subsidies. In this case, the given property will be reclassified as a cultivated forest, however, different amounts of subsidy can be applied for based on different varieties for the implementation and the maintenance of the plantation. Please see further details here

Agro-Forestry Plantations

Woody pastures and forest belts for the protection of agricultural land can also be realized with government subsidies. Please see further details here

Industrial Wood Production Plantations

It is also possible to apply for land based subsidies and income support subsidies for the production of high-quality industrial wood with black locust and poplar varieties.  Please see further details here.


Our company has been involved in research and development projects for the past 25 years.
Our winning tenders:






QUTAOMEL (2010-2012)

SOS Klíma (2008-2010)

MIKOQUAL (2007-2009)

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