Why invest in forestry plantations?

We believe that there is huge potential in the hardwood market and that the innovative and technical expertise of our company provides a solid foundation for a successful investment in forestry. Only in Hungary, there are several hundreds of thousands of hectares of unutilized land today mainly due to their soil, terrain and climate conditions. Climate change further increases the proportion of dry, bad quality soils, which in turn further enhances the difficulties faced by the agricultural sector. The vast majority of these areas, however, is more than ideal for wood production plantations with special, fast growth and highly tolerant varieties. Our Black Locust varieties are capable of fully utilizing these areas when combined with our technical knowledge and plantation concepts. On the other hand, wetlands are best utilized by our special White Willow variety.

We are convinced that by establishing quality wood production plantations we can help environmental protection, as we can intensively meet the market demands without destroying our natural forests

About us

Our European and international recognition stems from our achievements and experience in the cultivation, sales and propagation of fast growth tree varieties as well as quality ornamental and conifer varieties.

Climate change and other environmental challenges must inspire foresters to search for new solutions and methodologies. In the last few decades, whilst also maintaining our highly successful ornamental and conifer trade, our focus has shifted to the research and development of new fast growth varieties and their practical implementation. Our activities within forestry mainly focus on industrial wood production and biomass plantations, the production of the related propagation material as well as the technical and technological developments which go along with it. A great number of our research and developments projects have shown remarkable results in these areas.

When it comes to Black Locust propagation, based on the 30-year research work of Dr. Imre Kapusi, we have succeeded in selecting new varieties with outstanding growth and form characteristics.

Our White Willow varieties have also proven to be a success in both Hungary and abroad.

In addition to eucalyptus, poplar, bamboo, teak and willow, black locust must also be included in wood production plantations. In order to achieve this, we have already established the necessary new varieties which are suitable for renewing our cultivation technologies.

Through the establishment of such industrial plantations and increasing the supply of biomass, Silvanus Group can greatly contribute to reducing the adverse effects of climate change.