‘Turbo Obelisk’ Black Locust

Our most premium product. A cloned variety group based on 3 decades of research and development. Due to its vegetative propagation, all outstanding genetic characteristics are guaranteed. Grows twice as fast as the common species and grows with a straight stem, resulting in high percentage long-term carbon storage and high industrial wood output. Highly recommended for high quality industrial wood production plantations. Traditional rotation period of 30 years reduced to only 15 years!

High wood density with approx. 700-750kg/m3 when kiln dry with a Janka score of 1,700 lbf.

Typically, available in the form of 60-100 cm bare-rooted saplings.

Main characteristics:

  • Unique fast growth
  • Straight stem growth
  • High percentage industrial timber output
  • Increased CO2 sequestration capacity compared to common species
  • Sustainable, long-term CO2 removal in durable wood products
  • Climate resilient:
    • Drought tolerant
    • Thrives in low quality, sandy, marginal soils
    • High resistance to pests and diseases
  • Ideal for:
    • Industrial roundwood production plantations
    • Industrial polewood production plantations
    • City and roadside planting
    • Plantations for carbon offset project development
    • Honey production
    • Forest belts

Price: from 5 GBP / clone (sapling)

We offer forestry advisory services to help you with the soil sampling, planting spacing, pruning, maintenance of the plantation!

Delivery available for 2024 Spring planting season.

Please get in touch with us directly to place an order:


You can download an additional brochure about ‘Turbo Obelisk’ Black Locust from here